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Friday, September 24, 2010

Hater Music

To celebrate the arrival of the new "I Hate Boston Haters" tees (available now at, we've decided to count down our top 5 favorite hip-hop hater songs. In recent years the culture of hateration that has become widespread throughout our communities and industries has been the subject of numerous songs, to which we can all relate.
#4 - Jay Z feat. Kanye West - Hate

#3 - Nas feat. Puff Daddy - Hate Me Now

#2 - Dead Prez feat. Bun B - Don't Hate On My Grind

#1 - B.o.B. - Haters Everywhere feat. Rich Boy

And in the same way that James Brown deserves recognition for his contribution to the best hip-hop production, Gil Scott Heron pioneered the Hater genre with his "Home is where the hatred is" released in 1971.

NOTE: The Maino and B.o.B. videos are not available because the companies who own the music want the $.004 they get when you watch it on youtube and thus disable the embed options. Look it up. STOP HATING ON BLOGGERS.

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